One for the record books.

A garden lawn

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Ahh, Spring. That season in the Midwest that brings warmer temperatures, finally some sunshine and, of course, rain. What do you get when you combine warmer temperatures, sunshine and rain?


Really green grass.

Really green, really tall grass.

As you all know, really green, really TALL grass must be mowed. Or your neighbors will run you out of town.

I am not even going to give you links back to all of the fun and excitement yard work brought the seeofgreen household last year. I’m sure you all remember laughing (or cringing in horror) at my expense. If you missed it, feel free to carouse through the archives of June, July and August of 2009. I guarantee the effort will be good for a few laughs. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

The early part of this week was rainy and dreary. And cold. It was quite a shock to our systems after having more than a week of warmer than usual temps. But the sun came out Thursday and the temperatures started climbing back up. And there were pockets of grass in my yard nearly a foot tall! Saturday dawned sunny and beautiful. Perfect weather for the first yard mowing expedition of year.

I filled the rider with fresh gas. It started up on the second turn of the key. I mowed the flat parts of the yard. I filled the push mower with gas. It started up on the second pull of the cord. I mowed the hilly parts of the yard. And then I sat in a lawn chair on my freshly mowed grass and read for a while.

Yes, that’s right. I mowed the yard with out incident or injury to me and without breaking any of the equipment.

Pick you jaw up off the ground. I have to get lucky once in a while.

I am taking this as an auspicious start to a wonderfully easy yard work season.

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