Spoke too soon.

Well our plans for Saturday fell through. No big deal there is always next time.

On a more exciting note…

This past week my phone came up for its annual upgrade at the same time that Princess Girl’s phone came up for her ‘New Every Two’ option. This meant on Friday afternoon we were shopping for new phones! Well, Princess Girl was shopping for a new phone. I had already picked mine out.

For myself, I am getting the brand new HTC Droid Incredible! I loved my BlackBerry when I first got it. It was the perfect ‘starter’ smartphone. But now that I have seen what the Android OS can do (and how much freaking faster it is), it is time to move on. The kids at school must be talking about the new Droid phones because when I told Princess Girl what I was getting she was outraged.

“That phone is like a LAPTOP! Why do you get such a cool phone?”

Yeah, because I go to work every day and pay all the bills.

I reminded her that the BB has many of the same options. This is simply an upgrade for me.

Princess Girl struggled with her choices. I don’t blame her. The options were very slim. What? You are thinking how could her options be slim? There are so many phones out there she should have plenty to choose from. Well, if you are on a data plan that is true. However, at 15, I do not feel she has any need for a data plan on her phone (she has a iTouch if she really needs to get online away from the computer). And besides that – she can get a job and pay for her own if she wants a data plan.

Finally, I convinced her to get a phone with a slide out keyboard. She is so entrenched in the T9/Word world of texting she is hesitant to make the switch. I know she will love it once she gets used to it.

In an effort to help Princess Girl choose a phone we went to an actual Verizon store so she could touch and feel her phone choices. They must work on commission there. The two young phone dudes behind the counter really really wanted to sell us our new phones. I told them I already planned to pre-order my Incredible and we were there simply to help Princess Girl decide on a phone. They showed her the options. They talked about the features. They were shocked when I was able to site the features of the Incredible. Duh. Why would I be pre-ordering it if I didn’t know anything about it.

We left the store as they tried to put more pressure on me to purchase there. I knew Princess Girl had mostly decided. And I reminded her she had a 30 day window to change her mind.

The only problem? Hers shipped Friday night and should be delivered by Tuesday. Mine isn’t scheduled for release until the 29th!

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