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Just like everything else in life, I am behind on reviews for books I have “won” through the LibraryThing early reviewers program. Frost Moon by Anthony Francis was from the February batch, and I was notified I was selected to review it in early March. Oops. (I also won one from the March batch that I’ll be reviewing later in the week.)

The offering for this book was in PDF format. After reading 24 Bones in PDF format on the computer I had told myself that I would not be signing up for any more ebook offerings. Reading a novel from the back-lit computer screen is so hard on the eyes (and I am trapped at the computer desk), especially after being used to my Kindle. (THIS for those of you wondering is one of the main reasons I see absolutely NO point in the iPad.) But then I figured out how to get PDF files onto my Kindle so I could read them there and I started signing up for the ebook offerings once again.

After being selected to receive this one, I’m glad I did.

In an alternate version of Atlanta, Georgia, one filled with Vampires, Werewolves and Magicians living in close proximity, and anything but amiable friendship, Dakota Frost is a magical tatoo artist whose talents are sought after by all.

Boy is there a lot going on in that sentence.

And there is a lot going on in this novel, especially when a serial killer targeting people bearing magical tattoos shows up.

This novel has been described as a dark urban fantasy. I guess in the respect that the subject matter deals with vampires and werewolves and magic that is true. But I found Frost Moon to be a humorous, lighthearted romp through a detective story. There were more than a few passages that had me laughing out loud to Dakota’s antics and slightly twisted view on life.

The one thing that stuck out to me as the biggest con for this book is the innumerable times Dakota refers to her own unusual height. Yeah, I got it. By the fourth or fifth, or tenth, time I knew she was well over six-foot tall and taller than most of the men around her. You can stop beating me over the head with it. But overall, this was a small distraction in an otherwise fun and fast paced book.

With a couple love interests for Dakota thrown in for good measure, this would be a perfect beach read for anyone willing to suspend their disbelief and submerge themselves into the world Francis has created.

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