A Vintage Affair

1950s vintage slip
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As promised, here is the review for the LibraryThing early reviewers book I was selected for from the March batch.

This one was a definite surprise. I had not checked on my LibraryThing account for a week or more and had not realized I had been selected. That made for a pleasant trip to the mailbox! And it was fun to read an actual book again. I don’t do that very often any more.

A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff is scheduled to be released on June 22nd. Perfect timing for a perfect summer beach read.

Friends and family are shocked when Phoebe quits her high-profile job at Sothebys auction house to open a vintage clothing store near her home in London. But after the death of her best friend and the break up of her engagement, both of which she feels tremendously guilty for, she feels the change of pace is the only thing that may save her sanity. As she makes her way through opening her shop and the beginnings of building a successful business we learn about Pheobe’s passion for vintage clothing and the stories each article of clothing brings to its new owner. The descriptions of the gowns and scarves and suits brought the clothing to life for the reader. You could see and feel how each piece would or would not suit its new owner. As her business opens and Phoebe puts all her efforts into making it a success, Phoebe meets many new friends and love interests. Some of whom help her in her business, and some of whom help her in her journey to survive and get past the death of her dear friend. And some who do both.

The writing and storyline are filled with passionate feelings both happy and sad. This is a tale of life and living that made me smile and brought a tear to my eye as well.

I highly recommend it.

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