What a wonderful weekend!

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On Friday, Princess Girl helped at my cousin’s children’s school carnival. I was hanging out in a Suite at the Paramore (Relient K) concert. Very very very fun.

On Saturday Princess Girl was hanging out in the FRONT ROW of the Taylor Swift (Kellie Pickler) concert. She touched both Taylor and Kellie and got a guitar pick from Taylor. While she was in teenage-girl heaven I was attending a log splitting party. Again very very very fun. Trust me, it was.

On Sunday, Princess Girl attended her last practice for her Junior level cheer team and did laundry. Besides driving her all over town and going to the grocery store, I watered the plants, paid bills and worked on the hot tub chemicals (I think I’ve decided to keep it filled this summer instead of draining it.). I got a lovely Mother’s Day gift in the morning. And we finally got a chance to visit with my grandma for Mother’s Day. We hadn’t seen her since her birthday. A good day.

As you can see none of these activities included any lawn care. And now it is supposed to rain for the next four days. This is a sure sign of lawn nightmares/neighbors’ wrath to come. Oh well, should make for some interesting blog posts this summer.

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