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Princess Girl’s school held cheerleading tryouts yesterday for the fall football season. Of course I had every confidence in her. She was on the squad this year, and also on her competitive team. The girl can cheer.

I picked her up after tryouts and she said it went good, really good. About an hour later she received a phone call from the coach congratulating her on making the team, and asking if she would be interested in moving up to the VARSITY squad! Of course she said yes. She is so excited. I am incredibly proud of her.

Only six girls who will be true varsity in the fall tried out. The coach brought up Princess Girl and another girl to fill the squad to a solid eight. It will help them with stunting. It makes sense. And, that allowed her to not have to cut anyone from the JV squad where ten had tried out and only eight would have made it. It’s a win win situation all the way around.

And now for the snarky side…

A short while later another member of the varsity squad, a girl who will be a junior next year, posted on Facebook “this is BS, six would have been enough”. Obviously the coach didn’t think so. And I outlined above why six would not have been enough. Then that girl’s step-sister, a woman who I went to school with, replied that “it is all about politics and who you are not what you can do”.


Um, Princess Girl is the only one on the entire school squad that can tumble. She can do back flips and back tucks. She is working on a full twisting layout. She is a competitive cheerleader on an All-Star squad. She knows how to, and has experience with,  flying, basing and back-spotting in stunting.

It is about what she can do.

By the way, the girl who is complaining? She cannot do any of the things listed above that Princess Girl can do. And she was moved up to varsity for basketball season this year.

Yeah, no class.

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