Princess Belle
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Last night Princess Girl and I attended a performance of Beauty and the Beast. This was part of a two day stop in our area by a national Broadway touring group. And it was FANTASTIC. It was wonderful (times ten). It was the best stage show I have ever seen. We laughed. I teared up. We gasped. We truly were in awe.

The scenery was amazing. Stunning and beautiful visually AND accurate and effective on our small stage. We loved the use of the gargoyles to move the scenery within the castle. The costumes were fabulous! I thought Princess Girl was going to fall out of her chair in awe of the beauty of Belle’s gown at the end of the performance.

The actors were amazing. Belle’s voice was incredibly strong. Lefou was very comical. He was Princess Girl’s favorite with his prat falls and antics. I was cracking up every time the third “Silly Girl” fainted at Gaston’s prowess. And the music. Ahh. We are still singing snatches of Be Our Guest to each other this morning. The performance of that song last night blew us away.

This is my favorite Disney story. I know I am still so excited about the performance that I am not coherent enough to do justice to how truly great the show really was. But, seriously, if you get a chance, see this show. You won’t be disappointed.

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