Cheer is her life.

Illinois Cheer

Image by kidgrifter via Flickr

Princess Girl has been attending open gyms for a new all-star cheer squad throughout the month of May as she is aging out of the junior squad she has been on for the last two years. On Saturday, she had her last performance with the junior squad at her gym’s annual gym show. Immediately after that, we headed to a different gym for tryouts for new squad.

Two and a half hours later tryouts were over and Princess Girl announced she was once again only on two cheer squads instead of three. (She will openly and frequently tell anyone who will listen that cheer is her life.) It looks like it will be a good season. The girls all worked hard, and were having fun at the tryouts.

This team is set up differently than her other squad was. Her other squad started in the fall and competed over the winter. This new team starts learning their routine over the summer and begin their competition season in the fall. That means starting next week Princess Girl will be adding four hours of gym time to her schedule each week.

I never have to worry about her being bored over the summer.

What she needs to concentrate on now is her flexibility. It has gotten better since her surgeries, but boy can you see the difference in the other girls who haven’t had muscle/surgery issues.

My proudest moment Saturday? When Princess Girl got over her fear of doing her back handspring/back tuck on the spring floor. AND then pulled a back handspring/layout TOO! Go Princess Girl!

Overall, a good cheer weekend.

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