The answer to many whining fits.

Main Street Bridge Construction, Miles City

Image by dave_mcmt via Flickr

I have gotten completely out of the habit of television in the last couple months. I’m on the computer, or reading and I’m just not turning it on. Of course Princess Girl is not exactly in the same boat. She is watching a little less just from being so busy, but if she’s home it is likely the TV will be on.

This was the case on this past Friday when I came home from work. My routine when I come home from work (as a computer programmer) is to get on the computer (I know, don’t try to understand it) and wind down from the work day. So I was sitting at the computer and Princess Girl was in the living room watching Jeopardy on TV. When Jeopardy ended, a local news magazine followed it. Princess Girl grabbed the remote and changed the channel just as the weather guy came on to talk about the storms predicted in our area. I quickly had her turn the channel back.

Of course, they told us if the sky wasn’t falling in our area yet, it would be soon. We were all advised to start our Chicken Little impersonations immediately.

Once again, as soon as the weather report was over, Princess Girl had her hand on the remote. When I saw the reporter standing on the bridge. MY bridge. THE bridge. I quickly told her to leave it on before she had a chance to change it again.

And that was when I heard it. That was when the choir of angels began singing their song. That was when the reporter told us that THE bridge, MY bridge, would be open for two way traffic in one week.


In four days. Count ’em, four measly days! I will be able, once again, to come home from work without driving clear around the county!


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