It is that time of year again.

why you shouldn't mow in the rain

Image by Daveybot via Flickr

Instead of sunny balmy weather, we are stuck in a pattern of cloudy raining blech. This seems to have happened in June for the last several years. Rainy summer weekends are depressing. There is no beach time. There is no boating. There are no picnics.

There is no grass mowing.

Yes, even the neighbors who have a service mow their lawn have tall grass right now. I know it is driving them crazy. And it is supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow too. Of course the minute it clears up, their service will be Johnny on the Spot to do their thing.

Unfortunately for my yard, Princess Girl has activities on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I’ll be lucky to get it mowed by the weekend. And I’m supposed to go boating on Saturday.

You know that takes precedence!

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