Bitchin’ Camaro

I know that mass marketing in this day and age is all about over-load. It is all about getting their message in your face as many times a day as possible with the catchiest jingle or the most memorable catch phrase.

But sometimes they just get old.

Currently on the radio, there is a Lexus commercial that talks about how “the average person will own 12 cars in their lifetime”. I hope not, because I’m at 10 already and due for a new car. I’m not ready to bite it in the next two cars worth of time.

But then I think about J. When you build cars for a living, and for fun you are likely to own 12 cars before you are 20. He currently has 3 cars/trucks and two motorcycles.

The latest project car is an Iroc Z28. Dang that is a sexy car. And fun to drive/ride in.

Wish I was doing that instead of working on a Monday morning.

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