Last week, revisited.

An X-ray image showing right mandibular first ...

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Grocery list… FAIL.

So added to the grocery list was “Washer Soap”. Princess Girl and I ventured to the grocery store. We walked down the soap aisle. I asked her to grab the usual Dishwasher soap. She put it in the cart. We finish our shopping. We go home. I go to put the dishwasher soap away and we have a nearly full bottle already under the sink.

She meant Laundry Soap. You know “Washing Machine Soap” not dishwasher soap. Ugh.

Dentist… FAIL again.

Yeah, that whole “oh the tooth will tighten up on its own, let’s get the filling checked out”? Well, the filling is perfect. Golden. Not a crack, chip or flaw. It held up amazingly well under the onslaught of flying elbows.

The root on the other hand? Cracked right in half. All the way in half. About 2/3 of the way up. Inflamed. Abscessed. Princess Girl is on mega-strong antibiotics and has to have a root canal on Wednesday. And at that point we all cross our fingers that the root canal works. There is a chance it will not and the whole tooth will have to come out.

Yeah, sucks.

My poor Princess Girl.

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