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Yesterday, I came home from work tired and not a little bit crabby to find Princess Girl napping on the couch for the third afternoon in a row. What exactly was it that you did today to make you so tired? I see you still haven’t pulled the weeds I asked you to pull three days ago. You didn’t do any laundry. Did you even do your regular chores – cat litter and reading? Ugh.

She definitely got a piece of my mind.

Then on the way to cheerleading practice, she came back at me with huge attitude when I was giving instruction while she was driving. She then was instructed to pull over. She would not get to practice driving if she was going to talk to me like that. More parental lecturing ensued.

Once at cheer practice, she was informed she’d better show me good effort and attitude or she would really be in trouble.

You know, typical parent/fifteen year old stuff. At least on occasion.

And to her credit, she did. She worked hard. She had a good attitude. Practice was going along swimmingly… Until about 15 minutes before the end of practice. I was up in the parental viewing area with the other parents, chit-chatting and watching the girls. That’s when I saw it. The little girl in front of Princess Girl jumped up (like she was supposed to), but she caught Princess Girl in the chin.

Major pain and hyperventilating.

She ran off the practice floor. I ran down the stairs to meet her. A first glance showed the recently root-canalled tooth still intact. But I couldn’t get a coherent word out of here. A couple seconds later there is blood everywhere. I look at her tooth again. It seems fine (although super painful).

Holy crap! The blood is coming from her tongue. A LOT of blood.


I thought we were going to have to get her tongue stitched. Finally, we got the bleeding to slow. That showed about a half inch cut on her tongue. Gee, that doesn’t hurt does it? And of course the poor tooth has been slammed and jiggled and tried to go through her tongue. Lots of ibuprofen and ice later, she finally started to feel better.

Gee, and I had yelled and lectured at her earlier. Now here she is being brave and tough with yet another injury to her already sore mouth. No Mom Guilt there.

Hopefully, the call to the dentist this morning will result in an “Oh no big deal, we don’t need her to come in” answer.

P.S. Oh, and You – the girl from school who happened to be at the gym at the same time as Princess Girl’s competitive team… We know you laughed. We know about your name-calling when confronted about laughing. We know your parents.

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