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The 2010 Tugfest Queen contestant list has been announced. Princess Girl’s name is on that list.

She attended her first pageant meeting yesterday. We have her formal wear picked out… Maybe. We shopped the clearance racks after prom season ended and got a fabulous dress for $20. However, her grandmother wanted to buy her formal wear and ordered a dress. So now Princess Girl is taking the dress we already have over to grandma’s to see which one grandma likes best.

Hate to tell her… If *I* like the one we got better, THAT is the one Princess Girl will wear. She is my child. Of course, I’ll see what Princess Girl thinks, too.

She has a “Vital Statistics” form to fill out and turn in this weekend. Then on Wednesday there will be an interview with the judges and a rehearsal. Then on Thursday the pageant will kick off the Tugfest activities.

Princess Girl is one of the youngest contestants this year. And she is up against 4 of her classmates. One of the other contestants is a “professional” pageant contestant. So…

Either way, this will be a great experience for her. I know she will learn a lot in the coming week about herself and working with other women. Yikes. Hope it doesn’t get ugly!

Good luck, Princess Girl! Momma knows you’ll do GREAT!

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