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(Said in my best Rocky the Flying Squirrel voice.)

Bullwinkle may not be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat, but I sure can kill a lawn mower. Yep, that’s right. I could not possibly go an entire summer without the death of a piece of lawn equipment. This time it was the push mower, again. I seem to be on a two year cycle. Of course that doesn’t bode well for the rider next year, does it?

I vaguely remember the push mower acting up right at the end of my mowing expedition 10 days ago. (See, I told you my neighbors hate me.) However, that memory did not come back to me until it coughed its way through a tiny portion of the hill that has to be mowed today. And AFTER I had already mowed the flat lawn with the rider.

Yes, just picture it. My mostly mowed lawn. Right out there for everyone to drive by and gawk at. Who knows when J will have time to look at it. And then I have to find more time to finish the job. My schedule is way too busy. As it is, I had to take 4 hours of vacation time today to get it mowed. And we all see how well that turned out.


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    Candice said,

    Seriously…omg. The story of our lives, I swear. My $%#@ car is at the shop right now – I mean, it worked fine on the way to and from your house yesterday……are you sending your mechanical karma my way? LOL

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