What a fabulous weekend!

A golf ball.

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Friday afternoon my work group had a team bonding outing. We each took 4 hours of PTO, pooled our resources to provide ourselves with a picnic lunch and went down by the river. We then took turns riding our supervisor’s jet skis! What a blast! I’m thinking we should do that much more often.

Saturday, J and I played in our local tavern’s golf outing with a couple friends. It was a beautiful day. I play some decent golf. (This whole left handed golf thing is really working out for me.) I had great company. We laughed and laughed. The tournament was a blind draw for winner and… They drew our team! We won our money back PLUS! Fabulous! (This will help fund the replacement of all the balls J lost over the course of the day. I told him I’m going to buy him a CASE!) 🙂

Sunday I finished mowing the grass (thank you J for fixing the mower). I played on the computer a little, read a little and just hung out. Princess Girl went to the movies and dinner with a friend. Which she would not have been able to do if she was still on the new competitive cheer squad. I think we are both very happy with the decision to remove ourselves from that group. It was not a good fit for my Princess Girl.

Overall… truly fabulous. I am is such a good place right now. Even having to re-home one of our cats and dropping the cheer team were just minor blips on our emotional radar that we easily survived.

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