I should be in marketing.

The Amazon Kindle 2

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I have convinced four different people at work they need to convert from Blackberry phones to an Android phone, preferably an HTC in the last few months.

I convinced the random stranger at Target this week that  she needed to buy the Kindle she was looking at.

I am passionate about my gadgets! I want everyone else to love them too.

On the other hand, I picked up my third physical book in a row last night. I know I mentioned that most of my R. I. P. V reading was going to be of physical books, and I’ve finished one and started on another. But in the mean time a book I had on hold at the library came in, too. It has been very weird. I have only read one other physical book in over a year.

Honestly, I miss the ease and lack of weight of my Kindle.

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