An essay on poor customer service.

After complaining about this to Princess Girl’s Dr. office I was asked to write up a narrative for both incidents. I’ve been told they are working with this woman already. Hopefully a change is made – or I never have to see her again…

I do not know the name of the African-American woman who handles prescription refills at the West Central Park office, but I have had two bad experiences with her.

The first incident was earlier this year. I called in a request for a prescription refill for Princess Girl to the Terrace Ridge office. Due to Dr. S. being out of town they had to call the West office to have it filled and it would not be available for pick up at Terrace Ridge until the next day. The next morning I had a meeting at West Campus. Since I was there I thought I would grab the prescription and save myself a trip to Terrace Ridge.

The woman at the front desk asked me to sit in the waiting room and the person in charge of the refills would be with me shortly. I was (of course) reading and heard someone call ‘Prescription refill’. By the time I looked up there was no one there. I stood and looked around for a minute, but this was the first time I had ever picked up a prescription at the West office, and I was not sure where to go.  A short while later, this woman came around the corner and said very abruptly, ‘Are you here for a prescription? I called you.’ I said I had not picked up a prescription there before, and I was unsure where to go.

Once in the office, I explained that I had called and requested to have the prescription sent to Terrace Ridge, but I knew the interoffice delivery did not happen until the afternoon because it is usually not ready at Terrace Ridge until after 3pm. Since I was there I hoped to pick it up before it was sent on to the other office. She was very demeaning and told me it was not there and if I asked for it at Terrace Ridge it could only be picked up there.

When I went to Terrace Ridge the prescription was not there. The receptionist said it must have still been in the mail room at the West office. I mentioned to the receptionist at that time that the woman had been rude and made me feel dumb for not knowing where to go. I had to make a second trip to Terrace Ridge to pick it up after 3pm.

The second incident was on September 3rd, and was much more offensive. Princess Girl told me she needed a refill on her prescription. I called Terrace Ridge on Wednesday September 1st. The receptionist told me the prescription would be ready Thursday afternoon. I picked it up Thursday and mailed it right away. Friday morning, Princess Girl told me she had not realized it, but she only had one more day of medicine. I called Terrace Ridge and explained the situation to the receptionist. Knowing that prescriptions are not filled until the next business day and we were approaching the holiday weekend she said she would contact the West office and help get a short prescription filled to tide Princess Girl over until the mail order arrived.

Later that afternoon the receptionist called to tell me the prescription was ready, but I would have to pick it up at the West office before 5pm. I thanked her and a short while later went to pick it up. The ladies at the front desk did not have the prescription so they called back to someone in the back. I could hear her say over the phone there was not a prescription for Princess Girl. I told the woman at the front desk that I been working with Terrace Ridge earlier that day. She told me that prescriptions take 24 hours. I explained to her the emergency situation and that Terrace Ridge had told me it was ready to pick up. I then heard the person on the phone say the note on the computer had someone’s initials on it. It would be a few minutes.

Within a minute the same African-American woman I had dealt with before came out and shoved a piece of paper at me and said, ‘You know we have to process these. They aren’t ready just whenever you want them.’ The paper was the release so I signed it. I explained that I had been working with Terrace Ridge and they had told me it was ready. She said, ‘Terrace Ridge doesn’t know what we do here. If you don’t call us you don’t know it is ready.’ Again I tried to explain to her that I wasn’t being presumptuous, that it was Terrace Ridge that called me, not the other way around. She then stuck her hand in my face in a “talk to the hand” gesture and said ‘I don’t care who told you what. They don’t know what is going on here.’

At that point, I had the prescription in my hand. I was not going to argue with her about it. I just said thank you and left.

During both incidents, her tone and demeanor were rude and condescending toward me. I felt like she was purposefully trying to make me feel stupid during the first incident because I did not know where to go. The second incident was plain insulting. There is no reason anyone should shove their hand in my face.

I realize both incidents were caused by me having to break the normal routine or procedure, but I do not feel like either case I was asking for more than good customer service. Both times the Terrace Ridge office staff was friendly and helpful. We normally are seen at Terrace Ridge, and I am glad. I have to say that if I ever have to be subjected to that woman at the West office again I will seek Princess Girl’s treatment elsewhere.

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