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Princess Girl is on Student Council for the second year in a row. Homecoming is fast approaching and she is gearing up for it. She is the Coronation chair and co-chair for the Junior Varsity float building committee. You aren’t surprised by this, are you?

She had scheduled a float building committee meeting at our house for Sunday afternoon at 3pm. She had 8-10 R.S.V.P when she sent out the invitation. Someone asked how long the meeting would be. I told her they would probably get everything accomplished that they were going to discuss within an hour. At 3pm one girl showed up. About 5 minutes later one boy showed up. The three of them got started discussing the float. Between 3:20 and 3:30 two other kids and the Student Council sponsor arrived.

The original three showed the other three their plans and they worked on a few changes, additions and a supply list. They wrapped things up about 4:10.

Gee, an hour from when they got started look at that.

The teacher and the one girl that has her driver’s lisence left right away. The others each texted a parent to let them know they were done. The second girl left about 4:30. At 4:45 I offered to give the two remaining boys a ride home.

Oh, no. Their parents were on their way.

About 5:00 one boy left. I again offered to give the last boy a ride home. No, he talked to his mom she is on her way.

At 5:35 Princess Girl texted me from the other room to say the mom was supposed to be there in 10 minutes.

At this point both Princess Girl and I are getting very frustrated. We both have chores to do. She has homework still to work on. And I need to run to the store. He’s a nice, good kid, but I really didn’t intend for him to be at the house for 3+ hours.


Finally, at just after 6:00 his mother showed up. And then Princess Girl and I raced through the rest of our evening trying to get everything done. I still don’t understand what the issue was. He only lives about a mile up the road…

By the way, none of the sophomore class officers and not a single freshman showed up to the meeting. Guess they’ll just have to like what the people that actually showed up decided on.

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