Searching for an alter ego.

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So I mentioned the other day that I was leaning toward Lara Croft (or even better Claire Grant as Lara Croft) as this year’s Halloween costume. Which I still think is a fab costume idea. However, the temperatures have already started to dip far lower than I care for. (Can we please have summer all year round?) In another month, it’s going to be down right chilly.

Have you seen how Lara Croft dresses? Yeah, she’s WAY tougher than me. I’m gonna freeze my hind-end off if I wear that!

So then I thought maybe Daphne of Scooby-Doo fame. But I’m wishy-washy on that idea… and she doesn’t dress a whole lot warmer than Lara does.

You know, if you look around women’s Halloween costumes are pretty darn skimpy over all. Which is fine. But, I’m still sitting here with just a month to go with no good idea on which alter ego I should don this year.

Any ideas?

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