A Princess of Passyunk

Another LibraryThing early review ebook. YAY!

From Bookviewcafe:

A Princess of Passyunk

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Philadelphia, 1950‘s: a boy, a baseball, a cockroach. Unlikely place. Unlikely characters. Unlikely love story.

My thoughts:

Sound confusing? It was at first. This is a coming of age story filled with religion, immigration and magical realism. Ganady is the middle child of recent Polish immigrants. To make his life more complicated his mother, Jewish, and father, Catholic, met on the ship on the way to America and married. His mother converts and the children are raised Catholic, but Ganny still must attend Jewish services with his grandmother each week as well.

And that is really not what the story is about.

Ganny’s best friend and brother each meet girls and begin drifting away from him. Ganny meets the girl of his dreams. In his dreams. An the adventure begins.

I really had a hard time at first struggling over the pronunciation of the Polish names. I kept coming out of the story wondering if Ganny was a hard G or soft. Finally, I made my own decision, right or wrong and stuck to it. Once I did that, the story began to flow. Though a bit predicable at times, this was a fun journey through a culture I am not very familiar with. Overall, it was a nice late summer read.

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