Dear Politicians,

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Please immediately cease and desist with the smear campaign commercials. I cannot possibly tolerate them for another week and a half until the elections.

A much better route would be to tell us what you plan to actually DO, not how evil the other guy is. Guess what? You’re all politicians. We know we likely have to try to choose the lesser of two evils. By telling us what your goals are we may be able to do that effectively.

Thank you.

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    Candice said,

    You say it sister! I am SO sick of it, I’ve decided to just not watch TV…now I’m about ready to not even get the mail. LOL It takes FOREVER to research candidates when you have to wade through all this bull.

    • 2

      aseeofgreen said,

      For those of you reading along at home… I declined a comment to this post this morning. Not because of its content (which I didn’t 100% agree with), but because it was a quote of a quote of quote taken completely out of context and not credited. You can comment with views I don’t agree with, but no plagiarism please.

  2. 4

    John said,

    Tivo FTW!

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