First Stringers – a book review.

I know there was no post on Monday. Monday crept up on me before I knew it. I know it is Tuesday and I normally do not post on Tuesdays. But, I have a book review for a book I received from Library Thing and I wanted to make sure it got posted before I forget about the book!

First Stringers – Eyes That Do Not See by Gerald M. Weinberg

I, of course, read the description of this book before I requested it through Library Thing, but when I received the ebook I could not remember what it was. So, I went back to Library Thing to search on the book and bring myself up to speed before I started reading. At that time there were only 3-4 reviews listed. None of them were very positive. After reading the first and skimming the second, I stopped reading. I did not want other people’s opinions to influence my review.

Now that I have read the book I went back to Library Thing to make sure I had all the particulars correct about the title and spelling of the author’s name (I don’t have my Kindle in front of me). And I see that there are many more reviews now, and most of them are positive.

I have to say I agree with the positives on this one.

Ember is a young blind woman trying to escape her over-protective and over-bearing father. We quickly learn that in compensation to her blindness, Ember has “special” powers – of the super-hero kind. Though her escape attempt she meets up with several other “handicapped” people who also have various super powers. The group quickly learns that their powers are not as secret as they had thought. And someone is out to use them for their own purposes.

The actions of the group is very believable for both their ages and their lack of socialization up to this point. The book very much felt to me as if it were the start of a series. I would definitely read a follow up book to see what happens next to the First Stringers.

3.5/5 stars.

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