Poor Princess Girl

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Six days shy of her sixteenth birthday, Princess Girl went back into a Orthopedic boot. She not so cheerfully commented that this is her third boot in three years. Quite an accomplishment.

She is currently suffering from peroneal tubercle hypertrophy. The peroneal tubercle (the small bone below your ankle bone) is protruding. It is pulling the tendon with it. It is making it very painful to walk.

Her pain levels on Monday were up to an 8 out of 10. No human should ever have to feel that much pain. After getting the boot on Wednesday, her pain levels dropped to a 1. YAY!

This morning was not such a good morning. The pain levels were elevated slightly. Her emotions and attitude showed it. Ugh.

We are hopeful that 3 weeks in the boot will solve this problem because the only other treatment is surgery.

The boot is putting a damper on cheerleading and normal 16 year old activities… surgery would squash them.

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