Holiday celebrations

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Ahh, the joys of the holiday! Truly, I love this time of year. All the festive lights and presents, shopping and parties! I love sitting in my living room with only the tree lit, watching it twinkle.

And I’m ready for it. All the presents are bought. I have one small gift to wrap yet. We’ve already celebrated with my dad’s family. It is good to see everyone, it happens so rarely.

Yesterday, I baked cookies and made candies for FIVE hours with my mom and sisters. A dozen different cookies and candies to share and enjoy over the coming week (Princess Girl already snitched some Holiday Hash this morning before breakfast).

Now we get a two day break (with a basketball game on Tuesday) before we have present opening activities on Wednesday, Thursday (both birthday events for the Princess Girl), Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Shew! We will be busy, but it will be fun! I think I’m looking the most forward to the mimosas on Saturday morning!

Happy Holidays every one!

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