Kasey to the Rescue – a book review

Yay! Another LibraryThing early reviewers book! It is amazing to me how exciting that notice is that I have been selected to receive one of the early reviewers books. And then when the book arrives in the mail… heaven.

This time I received Kasey to the Rescue: The Remarkable Story of a Monkey and a Miracle by Ellen Rogers. I have to start this review by letting you know there will be a major caveat to my opinion of this book. I nearly did not finish the book. In fact I nearly did not read past page 2.

Kasey is the memoir of Ellen Rogers after the 2005 near fatal car crash of her 22 year old son. Ellen is a single mother of 5 children. She has endured the death of her first husband and a step-daughter to cancer. When she gets the call that her oldest son Ned has been in a car crash halfway across the country, and may not make it, she pulls her family together and begins to fight. That is where this book starts. And that is where it nearly ended for me.

In May of 2000, I, along with my 5 year old Princess Girl and my then husband where hit head on by a drunk driver near Chattanooga on our way to Disney. M and I were life-flighted directly off the interstate. Princess Girl was taken by ambulance to the adjacent children’s hospital. In the emergency room the nurse asked me for an emergency contact. Of course, I gave them my mom’s information. The horrific phone call and frantic flight to reach your injured child in this book hit way too close to home.

I was sobbing by page 2. I put the book down for several days and tried again. This time I made it to about page 15 before I was sobbing again. On the third try, I made it past page 30. Ned was stable. The book started to be more about recovery and dealing with his catastrophic injuries rather than the initial accident and immediate aftermath. At that point I knew I would be able to get through the book.

Don’t get me wrong, there were still tears along the way, but only minor ones in response to what Ellen and her family were enduring. There was no more visceral reaction relating to what we had also endured.

About halfway through the book Kasey appears on the scene. A capuchin monkey trained as a service animal to assist paraplegics, she does not diminish the chaos in the Rogers household. But she does begin to help Ned.

I enjoyed Ellen’s voice throughout the book. There was heartbreak and humor and you knew no matter what Ellen was going to fight to keep her family together.

I would definitely recommend this memoir. In fact, I already have recommended it to my sister, the animal science major!

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    Ellen Rogers said,

    Thank you so much for reading Kasey to the Rescue. I’m sure it just have been very difficult for you to read the beginning. And I am very glad you were able to finish. Ned and Kasey have become such a wonderful team and we are so very grateful that she came into our lives – even if she eats 7 meals a day!

    Best to you, Ellen

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