Postponing the inevitiable

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Well, last week we trekked back to the orthopedic Dr. He thinks Princess Girl’s foot/ankle is making progress.

(Insert I’m the mom and I know more than the doctor at this point… Her pain level dropped to a 2 almost immediately after getting the boot 3 weeks ago. With minor spikes for over-doing it, her pain level stayed between a 2 and 3 for the three weeks she was in the boot. That is not progress. That means the boot is a temporary fix.)

So he injected a shot of cortisone in her foot (better than surgery, but…) and is keeping her in the boot for 3 more weeks. If this doesn’t ‘cure’ her pain, at the end of this 3 week stint we will schedule surgery.

Guess what her pain level has been in the boot since the shot… With the exception of a spike the next day that pushed her pain up to 5, she has stayed a 2 for the last 5 days.

We are realists. This is not making us happy. My poor Princess Girl.

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