The recovery process begins again

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Princess Girl’s surgery went very well on Friday. She had the same surgeon as her previous two surgeries. He extended the previous incision on her left foot and completely removed her peroneal tubercle on that ankle/foot. The surgery was very quick, under half an hour, and he actually came out to the lobby to speak to me instead of waiting to have me pulled in to the ‘private consultation’ room.

Better than expected, he said the tendons look great and there was no repair needed on them. In fact, the surgery went so well and the tendons looked so good he put her in a walking cast! This is a huge improvement over the initial assessment of four to six weeks of non-weight bearing!

Of course she can’t walk on it yet. She has her crutches to use until the foot feels better from the trauma of surgery.

After these first three days of being home doing NOTHING but elevating the foot following surgery, cabin fever is definitely starting to set in. We are home for a couple more days to continue to facilitate healing and then it is back to the real world for both of us…

Perhaps delayed one more day than originally planned by the blizzard/death storm they are predicting for today through Wednesday. Yeah, one to three inches of snow today… Then TWELVE to EIGHTEEN Tuesday into Wednesday.


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