I’m too old for this, I need a nap!

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Along with a majority of the country we were hit with what is being call either Deathstorm 2011, Snowpocalypse, or Snowmeggedon. And they are right. There is a LOT of freaking snow out there.

I was anxious as I watched the storm approach yesterday. I had tickets to the Avenged Sevenfold/Stone Sour concert for last night. (And I hadn’t been out of the house or away from Princess Girl since her surgery 5 days ago.) I really, really wanted to go to the concert. I had arranged for care for Princess girl while I was gone, so in the end I decided I would chance it. I figured I would drive slowly and if worse came to worse I would turn around and go back home.

I only went about 25 mph, but I made it. The roads were not great, but it was a dry powdery snow and I have definitely driven on worse.

The concert was very fun! There were two newer opening bands that did a good job. They were actually up and coming bands with current singles out rather than the local garage bands that sometimes get the early opener slot.

Throughout the evening I was getting updates from J and others about how bad the roads were. J convinced me that he would keep an eye on Princess Girl and I needed to stay in town. I called my aunt who lives very near the concert venue and asked to crash at her house. But, when I left the concert the roads really were not bad. In fact, they were better than they had been on the way in to town. The roads were snow covered, but completely plowed most of the way home.

I was glad I made the decision to come home. Within ten or so minutes from home Princess Girl informed me that her friend who had been visiting as her home health aid was stuck in the driveway. STUCK.

Did I mention the other day that J has a bulging disc? And we were in the process of getting 15-20 inches of snow? And the wind was blowing 30 mph?

My drive had not yet been plowed (too much blowing and drifting), but the road approacing my drive had been. That left a 2+ foot bank of snow I could not crest. I dislodged myself from that snow bank and backed down the road to the main street.

Where in the heck was I going to put my car?

Brilliant idea. I parked at the Subway half a block away. In what looked like a cleared lot. However, it was uniformly NOT plowed and about 8 inches deep. But I know how to drive in snow. I know how to rock the car to get it unstuck. I rocked, and forced and rocked and forced my way through the lot to the edge of the building. Then I walked home in my 3″ heels.

Thank goodness they were knee high boots. Slogging through the yard, that is how high the snow was. The drifts on the stairs came to mid-thigh.

I quickly changed into snowboots, and added a couple layers on both the top and bottom. I’m glad we have two shovels. The drift in the driveway that had been driven into came to my shoulder. 45 minutes of shoveling, and teaching him how to rock the vehicle, got him unstuck and he made his way home.

And then it was 12:30. I was wired. And wet. And exhausted.

And today I need a nap.

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    […] I’m too old for this, I need a nap! (aseeofgreen.wordpress.com) […]

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