Did your team win?

The Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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Mine did not. I have been a fan of the Steeler’s since the days of Kordell Stewart. But I have to admit Green Bay played a good game. Even with half their team injured in the locker room before half time.

The commercials? Mostly good I would say. The flying dog = funny. The resurrected grandpa = WAY funny. The mini-Darth Vader = way too adorable for words. Some of the commercials, though, we all sat there looking at each other in confusion. If no one can understand what you are selling, your commercial missed the mark.

I really enjoyed the half-time show. I like Black Eyed Peas. I like Slash. I like the new single Fergie and Slash have out. It was tasteful. It was entertaining. It was G rated. I win all the way around.

The new Glee episode after? Well, I watched the game with J and friends at a party. Then came home to watch Glee with Princess Girl. I have not kept up on Glee this season as most of the basketball games interfere with our viewing pleasure. This episode was good. But are they planning on ending the series? We have no freshman students. Sue has fallen from glory. Where are they going to go from here when these kids graduate?

Overall, a fabulous Sunday.

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