Signs of Spring

A thermometer showing −17°C.

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We were blessed with nearly a foot and a half of snow last week. With blowing winds and 3-5 foot drifts on every road way. There were some roads in my area that were not plowed out for FIVE days. There are mountains of snow lining the roads, filling the yards, covering half my driveway.

The air temperature yesterday morning when I left my house was -3* F. The windchill was -25*F. This morning was the same. Tonight, the low is supposed to get down to -10* F real temp.


Monday evening we realized at 5:50pm, although the sun was down, there was still a little light in the sky. And this morning on my way to work there was ACTUAL DAYLIGHT!

Seriously! This is exciting stuff!. We are two weeks out from my birthday and I can see signs of spring approaching even if the weather does not yet agree.

Spring. A time of rebirth. A time of growth. A time to have to start mowing the grass again.

This morning, I am filled with hope.

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