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I helped chaperone the Sadie Hawkins (Turn-about / Swirl) dance at Princess Girl’s school this weekend. I’m glad Princess Girl feels comfortable volunteering me for the job. It is a fun gig. The music is decent. The kids are good kids. And, I get to see all the fancy dresses.

And the not so fancy.

Ugh. Where are these girls’ parents? Why are these girls receiving no guidance on their dresses? And if they are receiving guidance, why are their parents not in jail?

Truly. If the only thing your dress says about you is “I’m 16 and I put out” that is not a good thing.

There were several that were so short that the girls’ spanks were peaking out the bottom of their dresses when they were standing still. Some of these girls are only 14 years old. Then there were the really bad ones. One of the dresses looked like it was straight out of Fredrick’s of Hollywood. Great for a club, not so great on a 16 year old. One of the dresses looked like a swim suit cover up. Really. Two feet of WHITE spandex in tube top form. That was it. And it wasn’t even flattering.

Aside from the really bad dresses, Princess Girl and her friends had a great time. And I did, too.

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