A new beginning.

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Last night, we drove to Cedar Rapids for what looks to be the first time in a year long series of two to three trips a week. It was the first clinic for try outs for the cheer team Princess Girl would like to join.

The clinic was well run. There were several coach/judges working with the kids. The gym was laid out well with a spot for the parents to watch, but not interfere. And a very large space for the kids. With one spring floor and a dead mat that the owner indicated he has a spring floor coming for.

Princess Girl did well. Her foot is not as strong as it could be at this point. She sees now why I have been harping on her ankle exercises. But she has been doing them and the pain is less and less each week. She has just over a week, and two tumbling classes, before the next clinic. Hopefully, that will get her back in shape in time to shine for the final try out.

Ugh, Cedar Rapids twice a week. We have already discussed how this will cut back on funds and play time outside of cheer. And maybe Princess Girl will be getting a part-time job along with her volunteering at the Zoo.

We continue to grow and work together. I am glad we both see that even when we have teen/mom conflicts. The next two weeks may be bringing us significant changes in our routines!

Onward and upward!

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