A Monday full of updates.

1. Princess Girl’s aunt is home from the hospital and doing okay. She is tired, but the doctors have stopped her body from rejecting the transplanted organs. She is on the road to recovery.

2. Our community has rallied around the family who lost their home to fire last week. There have been donations of clothes and money. A benefit is planned for next month.

3. Princess Girl made the cheerleading squad she tried out for. She is just over half a level below where she really wanted to be. But she is excited to be on the team. And, she claims this is going to motivate her to work on what is holding her back (her flexibility). You know, because mom telling you that’s what you need to work on isn’t really motivation at all.

4. J and I have decided to combine households. He has been the care taker for his grandmother’s house while she is in a nursing home and it is time to sell her house. And it is really hard to spend time together and with our respective children (his of the four legged variety) and alone. This will solve all those things. And help me afford a new cheer team!

5. The only update that is not of the good news variety… I seem to have developed allergies in the last few weeks. I have sneezed more in the last week than I have in my entire lifetime. What a miserable experience. And I know, at this point, mine are mild. My heart breaks for people who have suffered through this and worse their entire lives.

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