Finally Friday.

Diagram of a softball diamond.

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Although that does not really give me a break this week. Princess Girl had a softball game on Monday – FREEZING cold. She had cheer practice in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday. Of course tumbling was on Wednesday. Thursday held another softball game – POURING rain and a WIN! Tonight there is another softball game. Tomorrow I am chaperoning the MORP dance. And Sunday is cheer practice in Cedar Rapids.

And that does not even factor in work. I’ve gotten my oil changed this week. Most of these events take at least a 45 minutes drive time each week. And I managed to sneak in two hours of time with J.

Cripes! I’m tired from just typing that.

Next week… Leave out the dance and Thursday softball, but add in two doctor appointments and there is no rest in sight! I am going to need a vacation!

Good thing I have one coming up in… FORTY-EIGHT days. Not that I am counting. And in three weeks J will be moved in. Good things are coming. And that is my happy thought on this grey and gloomy Friday.

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    Jeff Silvey said,

    Well, happy Friday to you!

    Yes, there are always so many things to do. My daughter is only 3 now, so we don’t have quite so many events going on yet. But I know that things will ramp up soon enough. They grow up so fast. I try not to think about it!

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