The newest addition to our family.

Meet Sebastian. He came to us from the shelter on Saturday afternoon. I have been wanting to get another cat to help bring Rory out of his shell since we had to move Tucker to the farm. Rory needs a younger, playful cat to engage him. Oliver treats him like the little brother he is and gives him his space. This allows Rory to hide and only engage on occasion.

Sebastian will irritate him. And play with him. And draw him out. Boy is he fun! He is just over a year old. Adorable. And full of energy. He has fit right in with no issues. Yesterday was a beautiful day and we had the windows open. He didn’t even try to break out!

And to stress Rory out just a little more, we began working on his spring hair cut and getting to the mats that form because he hides instead of being brushed. Thankfully, he knows we love him. He was back upstairs, but still stand-offish by last night.

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