Looking for my Zen place.

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Actually, I know where it is. At least one of them. It is at the House of Mouse and we will be there in 6 short weeks. Another is in the zone when I am either reading or writing at home alone.

Where it is not is right now is at work. I have two users that frustrate me to no end. They do not listen when I give them explanations of the data they are receiving. They do not follow procedure and call me directly rather than going through our Help Desk so work efforts can be tracked. They are high maintenance.

This morning, before 7:30am I had interactions with both of them. I could feel my blood pressure rising with each interaction. The one, fortunately was resolved with a simple “Please call the Help Desk so your issue can be routed to the correct person.” The other, unfortunately, was two phone calls. And “I have already given you what you are asking for”. And “If you need something different please call the Help Desk to track work effort”. And “It ties to the penny, how can you still be claiming the report I wrote is not correct”.

Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

I know in the grand scheme of things these are little annoyances and I should not let them get to me. But some days. Ugh.

And now that I have vented, I will be better for a few days. And will be able to interact with them in a pleasant and friendly manner. But I can almost guarantee that by next week my blood pressure will be spiking again.

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