In which there is much fabulousness!

I have been craving new shoes. Yes, craving. I can’t help it. I can only go so long without new shoes. Yes, I am one of those women that have 42,000 pairs of shoes. But I wear them! All. And when they wear out I have to replace them. And I have been due for new shoes for a while.

I have been craving higher heels. Yes, higher heels. I don’t know why. Although they are in fashion right now. And I see them everywhere. And they are fabulous.

So Friday, Princess Girl went to her grandmother’s house for a visit. And J was still at work. So I went shoe shopping. I found an absolutely fabulous pair of shoes. But I did not buy them because I balked at the 5 1/2 inch heel. Sissy. I did, however, get a new rain coat, a new pair of work pants and a top. Good sales for all.

Saturday, I met Princess Girl in town for her hair cut. She went back to grandma’s and I went back to the mall. Where I found three other fabulous pairs of shoes with not quite as high of heel… And the pair from Friday as well. They are so awesome I could not help myself.

I am wearing them today. They are so fabulous Tina was speechless when she saw them!

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