Under the knife, again.

Impacted Wisdom teeth

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As you probably figured out from yesterday’s picture, Princess Girl has to go under the knife again.

On Wednesday, we scheduled the appointment with the oral surgeon to have all four of her wisdom teeth surgically extracted. Like mine many moons ago, her wisdom teeth are all completely horizontal in side her gums.

For the fourth time in two years she will be going under full anesthesia. That worries a mom. For the fourth time in two years they will be taking her away from me and cutting her open with a knife. That worries a mom.

I know it is in her best interest. I know she will feel better when it is all over. I still worry.

Our goal with this surgery is for her to have a much better experience having her wisdom teeth removed than I did. There was gauze left inside my gum. I got a dry socket. I was sick for two weeks and could eat nothing but ice cream and jello. We are determined this will not happen to her.

I still worry.

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