Don’t drink the water.

Some weeds in my lawn

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I had a fabulous weekend! J and I spent all of Saturday together. We worked in the yard – he mowed! And as a side note that means I’m much less likely to be breaking the lawn equipment since he will be using it. I pulled weeds and cut down some volunteer trees. After the yard work was done, we took a quick ride on the motorcycle. It was only about 20 miles but it was fabulous to be out on a nice day.

It was fabulous to finally have a nice day.

After Princess Girl left to go see Promenade and to babysit, J and I went out to dinner. The food was good. The night was fun. A perfect day.

Sunday, of course, was Mother’s Day. Princess Girl has used her babysitting money to buy me a necklace and earring set. Very thoughtful. After the trip to Cedar Rapids for cheer. J and I went to meet some friends. We helped move their docks and spent the evening in good company.

So why are we not drinking the water, you ask… Well over the course of the last month or so 5 different couples we know have split up. Now a couple of them it is the best thing that could happen to the half of the couple that is our friend. For others it was a shock. Overall, I am glad I am not going through it myself. I am glad we are happy.

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