Busy weekend!

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I attended two graduation parties this weekend. Princess Girl attended FOUR! She spent time with her grandma and J and I went to a welcome home party for two of his cousins who have just returned from tours overseas.

While she and I were gallivanting all over town for parties on Saturday afternoon, J fertilized and reseeded the yard. Yay!

Princess Girl had cheer on Sunday. While we were gone Sunday afternoon he hung the new ceiling fan in the spare bedroom (the old one fell out of the ceiling!), fixed the trim on the kitchen cabinet (he was thrilled to find my good cordless drill!) and lots of household chores I was happy to not have to do when I got home.

Sunday evening Princess Girl wanted spaghetti. So our spaghetti ritual began. She called Mj and another friend. J called Pat and Josh. And soon our house was full of hungry friends and the smell of yummy food. Just as the kids were getting ready to leave, Death Storm 2011 (III) broke loose. There were sightings of tornadoes touching down just across the river from us headed our way. I found the weather radio for J, and we all hung out in the sunroom watching the storm and waiting to see if we needed to head to the basement… with all five animals. Luckily we did not see any severe weather. And the yard needed the rain for the fertilizer.

I realized yesterday that if I do not take tomorrow off work I will never be ready for vacation on Wednesday. I hope it gets approved!

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