Random thoughts on a Wednesday

Yellow beach umbrella in the summer sun.

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1. Finally, we are experiencing summer weather!

2. I need summers off. There is not enough time in the day to enjoy boating, swimming, golf, the motorcycle, quads, and Princess Girl’s activities and still work 8 hours a day, keep house and yard presentable and sleep!

3. We’ve waited 9 months for warm weather, please stop bitching about the heat after one day.

4. 80* is not ZOMG! I’m dying heat… Talk to the people in AZ about their 110* temps people.

5. I ordered yarn this week. I haven’t crocheted in ages.

6. I am so impressed with Princess Girl’s new gym/cheer team. Very organized and positive.

7. I almost let a little red sports car rear-end me this week. I would have owned everything she had… but her tailgating a$$ wasn’t worth being late for work.

8. We have tickets for the JD Classic!

9. My parents bought a pontoon boat, can’t wait to mooch rides off them.


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