How a 20oz bottle of diet Pepsi saved my life.

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Yesterday afternoon, Princess Girl had a Dr. appt. She met me at work and I took her to the Dr. before heading to Cedar Rapids for cheer. On the way out the door at work I grabbed a bottle of diet Pepsi to drink on the trip.

In the car after her appointment, I stuck the pop bottle between my legs for leverage so I could open it one handed while driving.

It promptly exploded.

All over my lap.

There was no way I was going to drive to Cedar Rapids, sit for cheer practice, and drive home with a sticky wet lap full of diet Pepsi. Fortunately, we had not gotten on the interstate, yet.

I made a quick detour to Target. We ran in. I grabbed the first pair of shorts I saw in my size and tried them on. They fit, so Princess Girl helped me remove the tags and I wore them out (the young kid at the register was very confused to be handed a price tag and not actual item).

17 minutes after the initial explosion, we were back on the road. 15 minutes later, the interstate has become a parking lot. We sat in stopped/creeping traffic for nearly 45 minutes waiting to get through a fatal accident.

Had we not stopped for new shorts, we would have been in that accident.

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