An eventful evening.

Woodstock Theatre - Woodstock, IL

Image by pasa47 via Flickr

Princess Girl bailed out of her first 2 back handspring / back tuck pass she has thrown for 2 weeks (due to the holiday). I felt the adrenaline all the way to my toes as I watched her fall to the ground. I thought for sure she was going to break her neck. Thankfully, she kept her tuck, did not try to catch herself, and landed on her back. She has rug burned elbows and a sore neck/back, but is otherwise fine.

The toilet is fixed! Yay, J! It would flush just fine, but would not refill on its own for the last couple weeks. While we were in Cedar Rapids, J replaced the broken part. Now I can flush ’til my heart is content!

We received a past due notice for a parking violation with late fees totaling $50 in the mail yesterday for Princess Girl’s car. From Woodstock, IL. Go ahead and Google it. I had to. If you are too lazy to Google, Woodstock, IL is north of Crystal Lake. Neither of us nor the car have ever been to Woodstock, IL. Nevermind the fact that the parking ticket was for a Monday in May when she was in school and I was at work. A quick phone call this morning and the clerk I spoke with could plainly see the transposition the officer has done. Please disregard. Shew! Glad that was easy.

For not a lot going on last night, it sure was an eventful evening!

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