Thawarted at every turn

Being in the right place at the right time twice this weekend put me in the position of buying both a quad (4-wheeler) and a boat (pontoon). YAY! Fun summer toys! Go me!

However, being the weekend, all I could do was say ‘Yes. That is my intention.’

And then sit around for the next day and a half wishing I could get to the bank and GET MY NEW STUFF!

We are very excited about both the boat and quad. And now that it is Monday I can call the bank for the boat and get the quad from the dealer.


The bank’s computer system was down this morning. They could not take my information. And now I am behind several other applications. She might not even get to me today.


The guy who is selling the quad can’t find the title. If he has to apply for a duplicate it could be several weeks before he gets it.



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