Random Thoughts on a Wednesday

Illinois in 1718, approximate modern state are...

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1. Obviously, I am not getting right back in the saddle of regular posts.

2. GO ILLINOIS! Another Tug Fest is in the books and Illinois won! Thanks of course to the awesome women tuggers who broke the tie!

3. School has started! Yikes. Daily routine, please hurry back.

4. Although Princess Girl’s ribs are better, her sprain is still tender. She needs to be in tip top shape by tomorrow to get back in the swing of cheer practice.

5. Cripes! Princess Girl only has 2 more practices until her first competition.

6. Not a fan of dogs. Never been a fan of dogs. Less than tolerant of misbehaved dogs.

7. Did I mention we got a new kitty? In addition to Sebastian, I mean? Yep, up to four… Meep (officially Diesel) is growing fast – so cute.

8. Did I mention we got a boat? (Yep, that was the pic a couple Thursdays ago.) The boat is FABULOUS!

9. Did I mention the first boat payment isn’t until September? Yeah, making the first payment about the time we pull the boat for winter will not be enjoyable.

10. I wish I could sleep through the night. Waking up a million times make me tired.

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