Shaman’s Blood – a review

Yay! A LibraryThing Early Reviewer’s book.

This time I received Shaman’s Blood by Anne C. Petty. I knew from the blurb on the Early Reviewer’s list that this was the second book in a series. I was concerned that I would be lost in this second book or that I would need to find the first book and read it first to understand what was going on in this book. I had nothing to worry about. The stories of Ned and Alice and Margaret stand on their own.

This book alternates between Ned’s life in the 50’s and 60’s, and Alice and her daughter Margaret in present day. Ned is an orphan who is haunted by visions, voices, and the nightmare of torture he endured from his mother. Alice and her daughter live near where Ned was raised and soon begin having nightmares and visions themselves.

Of all the horror and mysterious happenings in this book, the creepiest thing of all was Alice and Margaret’s story is set “Month – Day Present Day“. The very last chapter was September 8 Thursday – Present Day… Yeah, yesterday. When I was reading it.

This is a difficult book to describe without giving spoilers. I would describe it as suspense/horror. I can definitely see a horror movie being made from it. I really enjoyed the background of this story and it kept me guessing as to where it was headed.

My only problem with this book is that it ended on a MAJOR cliff-hanger. As in I could not believe there was not another page type of cliff-hanger.

On the other hand, I’ll be looking for the third book when it comes out, and I’m interested in digging up book 1 for the back story. All in all, a win for me.

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