General update-y-ness

Homecoming was a smashing success! Even though we had to be in Marion, IA at 9:15 AM for Princess Girl to participate in the Swamp Fox parade with her gym, we made it home in plenty of time to come up with a cute hair style. She looked fabulous! Her date was nice and fun and liked to dance.

From the chaperone side of things the kids were all well behaved. I only had to break up two smoochers!

My toe is feeling better. I can wear shoes other than my flip-flops, but at the end of the day it is still sore.

I’m fighting some sort of sinus/cold thing. My throat has been sore for a couple days and I haven’t slept well since Thursday. Speaking of sleeping well, I don’t. Not really. I am a super light sleeper. The cats wake me up. The dogs wake me up. J’s snoring wakes me up. I wake up rolling over. I have a Dr. appointment today for something completely unrelated, but I think I’m going to ask about curing my insomnia.

I’m reading a book right now that has two very different settings, current day and an alternate world where magic exists. I’m about 20% of the way through the book and I don’t know that I will be able to finish it. The author has two very distinct voices to differentiate the two worlds. However, the current day voice is SO IRRITATING! Every other paragraph uses quotes for “emphasis”, or parentheses for narrator commentary (almost like reading my blog). It takes me out of the story every time.

On Friday, I am volunteering at Stand Down. Knowing this is coming up, I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot. I miss him.

On Saturday, J and I are going on a golf outing with my mom and step-dad. Should be TONS of fun! I can’t wait!


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