Golfing like a rock star!

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Well, it was probably my last golf outing of the season, but Friday I went out with a BANG!

A group of us took a half day on Friday. We went to lunch and then golfed 9 holes. We do this a couple times during the course of the summer and it is always very fun.

This past Friday we ate lunch at the Brady Street Pub. It was yummy. Then we headed to Red Hawk. Now, Red Hawk is a fairly easy course, but that does not negate the


that I shot!!!!!

I got a birdie! I parred 2 other holes! I golfed like a ROCK STAR!

(and then I accidentally punched my friend Diane in the mouth talking with my hands)

And then we went to The Machine Shed for warm drinks (it was NOT a very warm day Friday). I think the bartender was trying to kill us. Those were some serious coffee and hot chocolate drinks. Good think we each only had one before heading home.

All in all, a VERY good afternoon. Seriously, folks… I SHOT A 41!


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