The Pentacle Pendant – a review

Werewolf, by Rodrigo Ferrarezi

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Yay! Another Library Thing early reviewers book!

This time I received The Pentacle Pendant by Stephen M DeBock.

My Review:

You know right from the outset that this is a werewolf story. And the opening chapter is very graphic in the description of the werewolf’s first kill on ‘stage’ so to speak. Very graphic. But then we go back in time to before Claire Delaney has become a werewolf. Back to a time when she laughs at her boyfriend for claiming to be one himself. After he turns her, she has to live with her conflicted morality and her new urges. Then there is betrayal. And intrigue. And the story becomes more mystery-thriller than paranormal romance. Until it switches back again.

Overall, I enjoyed the story of Claire’s life as she adjusts to werewolf-hood. But the descriptions of the werewolf kills were very very graphic. Enough to pull me out of the story as I was reading it to be grossed out. If you have a weak stomach, I would definitely skim those parts. They are not for the faint of heart.

I was surprised by the climax and ending. DeBock did a great job of keeping the twists and turns coming so I could not foresee it. I do wish there had been just I touch more explanation, but that is a minor grumble on my part.

I would recommend this with reservations to the squeamish.

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